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  • JVP is recognized as the premier precision dimensional inspection and technical consulting firm in the Eastern United States.

  • JVP has the ability to quickly fabricate a real life model using a state of the art FORTUS 250mc 3D Printing Machine. Ranging from any kind of part, ...

  • Specializing in both large part and small machining, our 72,000 sq. ft. facility is fully equipped for close tolerance machining of Steels, Stainless ...

  • A field and major segment that JVP specializes in is the Medical industry. Ranging in components such as vacuum chambers, testing equipment, implanta...

  • The aerospace industry is another sector of JVP's diverse areas of expertise. The extreme precision and tight tolerance requirements of most aerospac...

  • JVP specializes in the Singe Screw Compressor industry. Working along side with our customers, we helped innovate existing screw compressor technolog...

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    Cost justification, responsive delivery and quality

    JV Precision Machine Company offers a full range of engineering and machine shop services suitable for the most demanding customers. With our machine shop and design service center seamless integration, gives us the ability to meet customers’ requirements through immediate production and continual process improvements. We offer complete engineering capabilities to meet all our customer needs. Electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, PLC programming, special machines, gauge and fixture design.


    Our machine shop capability ranges from the very small to the very large machining operations. We Operate with two full shift with more than forty highly trained craftsmen. You will find that we are constantly concerned about your budget and will always minimize the overtime cost impacting simply by using smart scheduling to deliver your product on time or to get your operation back up and running.


    We have setup a lean machining environment with a special shop rate to be competitive in production machining. Our CNC machines are maintained under a strict preventive maintenance program. We perform integrity and performance checks for accuracy as part of our ongoing improvement program.

    JV Precision Machine Company is very much aware of what your requirements are for a full service job shop, which include......

    Cost justification, responsive delivery and quality

    Featured Sample Parts & Projects

    Large Precision Machined Mold

    This was a 6' x 6' machined aluminum mold for an aerospace component. Because of the large capacity of our Kia 1000 Horizontal Milling Center we were able to obtain tight tolerances and critical finishes on this piece despite the obstacles that came with its enormous size.

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